Alice. Photo by TV3 Photography.

The Boston Globe published a 5 part series telling some of our story, titled…

The Power of Will

times Grayson’s Because of _____ page was viewed
his family’s raised for research (thank you!)
Likes on Grayson’s mom’s Facebook post that he’s soon going to have a baby sister!
families in our Because of _____ program

new trial locations opened, totaling:

institutions operating our research

Kids on our trials in 2016

Kids treated since 2006
Beat Nb runners at the Falmouth Road Race, including Melissa, who said:
“I’m running in memory of my little buddy, Sean, who lost his battle with neuroblastoma this past June. I’m friends with [his parents] Sara & Pete & our children are friends. Sean was a part of our lives & we all think of him every day. My heart breaks knowing how many children fight this horrible disease every day… we need to find a cure!”
karaoke stars at our
Karaoke for the Kure
events in NYC and Tampa

who wouldn’t sing (◕‿◕)

DFMO pills Lily-Mae took over 2 years on one of our relapse prevention trials she finished in 2016
miles traveled each trip by Lily-Mae to come from Ireland to Grand Rapids to participate
years she’s now been cancer free

other nonprofits founded by neuroblastoma parents who supported our research: Team Parker 4 Life, Christopher’s Mark, and Ethan’s Rodeo

times our Facebook posts were seen

times our Twitter posts were seen

times we thought about starting a Snapchat account and then thought, nah

new clinical trials opened, for a total of
clinical trials opened by our research consortium since 2006
views of our online nb
launched in 2016

posts on the site… including
the one where her mom
introduced Audrey (pictured)

registered users,
mostly nb families

years Audrey has now
been cancer free

sent to our research consortium in 2016

high fives Katie-Anne gets daily for this shirt
Katie-Anne is in our Because of _____ program, and currently in upfront treatment
Thank you.
Thank you for helping us get so much done in 2016.
All these numbers we’ve shared are wonderful, and my constant reminder is this: at the end of everything we do is a kid fighting cancer. A family, like ours, whose life has been turned upside down by cancer. We are changing what that diagnosis means to a family.
Last year we brought 4 neuroblastoma families together who’d founded their own nonprofits to beat neuroblastoma. We became a single national nonprofit – Beat Nb. Our name is our mission. We’ve been proud to have 6 other families join us through our Because of _____ program – a coming together of cancer moms and dads to beat childhood cancer.
What we’re doing is working. Our research consortium, the NMTRC, started in 2007 with 3 kids on a single trial at one hospital. We’ve now treated over 600 kids on 19 trials, and our research is operated in 34 hospitals. But that doesn’t tell the whole story – 7,000 kids have been diagnosed with neuroblastoma since we started, and what we do affects all children who will be diagnosed going forward.
2017 will be our first full year as the new, combined Beat Nb. There’s a lot to do – we’ve set a goal of driving neuroblastoma to a 90+% cure rate by 2027. We can do this. Thank you for your help in making a 90% survival rate possible. As a dad who lost a son (Ezra) to cancer, I can tell you how deeply important this work is. I have spent time with so many families who do not share my wife and I’s story of loss, because of your help and our work.
Thank you.


Kyle Matthews
Executive Director, Beat Nb
Ezra’s dad