2015 LA Karaoke for the Kure Raises $125k for Childhood Cancer Research!

Our third annual (4th? we missed last year in LA, sorry!) Karaoke for the Kure in Los Angeles was last Monday. This year we rocked the Troubadour in West Hollywood, and had a blast raising funds toward childhood cancer research.

Over 400 of you showed up to listen to East Coast Band, croon karaoke tunes with our friends from Rockaraoke backing you up, enjoying the In N’ Out burger truck, the company, and the open bar. With your support and our super cool sponsors, we raised over $125,000.

We were grateful to Andrew Santino for hosting a wonderful night, and for United Talent Agency, our Promoter sponsor.

We had an amazing crew behind the event making things work who all deserve big thanks: Abby Glusker, Noelle Muniz, Marissa Devins, Erica Copeland, Kosha Shah, Matt Rice, and so many more who have continued to be committed to helping us beat kids’ cancer.

Year after year, we remember Ezra while meeting so many new families who are affected by childhood cancer. We continue to push harder toward a cure, teaming up with an ever-growing group to demolish childhood cancer. Standing on the stage this past week, once again seeing hundreds of people commit to this same cause by spending your evening with us… it makes me catch my breath. We will beat this.

Grab tickets to the Tampa Karaoke for the Kure now.

We’re gearing up for September now – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, with our Tampa Karaoke for the Kure September 26th, and some cool things we’ve got planned which we’ll share soon.

Thank you for standing with us against childhood cancer. Thanks for remembering Ezra while raising hope for kids who are fighting cancer today. We’ll say it over and over again – this matters.

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