Due to the extraordinary growth of our consortium and interest in our trials we are no longer able to keep up with the ability to schedule phone consultations with Dr. Sholler who is the Chair of the Beat Childhood Cancer Consortium.   However, we will be happy to set up a consult with you in Grand Rapids at the Haworth Innovative Therapeutics clinic in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Alternatively, we can put you in touch with your closest member Beat CC oncologist so you can schedule a consult closer to home.

Please contact the Clinical Program Director for the Beat Childhood Cancer Research Consortium – Genevieve Bergendahl – in order to schedule your visit or with any questions about our member sites.

Genevieve Bergendahl, MSN, PNP, CCRC
Clinical Program Director, Beat Childhood Cancer
100 Michigan Avenue NE MC 272
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Helen Devos Children’s Hospital
100 Michigan NE – MC 272
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (616) 267-0335
Fax: (616) 391-2785