IN:Formation Project


No two tumors are the same.

In fact, they vary greatly among patients with the same diagnosis. Many times, your child's solid tumor may share characteristics with other types of cancer - cancers that may have different targets and different treatments.

The IN:Formation Project uses advanced genomic sequencing to reveal the mechanics, drivers, and targets in your child's unique tumor. When you participate, this information doesn't just sit in a research database, it can be actively used to find an alternative treatment option for your child, should they need it.

Instead of treating cancer by its name, treat it by its nature.


Participating in the IN:Formation Project will:

Provide you and your child's physicians the most complete tumor information with comprehensive genomic insights.

Gain access to a molecular tumor board who can synthesize powerful insights to help personalize your child's treatment.

Contribute to advancements in less-toxic, more precise, and more effective treatments for solid tumor cancers.


Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. My child has already had sequencing done, how is this different?

    Most tumor sequencing only looks at DNA from a smaller subset of genes pulled from adult cancers.The Whole Exome/Whole Transcriptome testing through the IN:Formation Project looks at DNA and RNA in 20,000+ genes and the medical team will provide a deeper dive into options than a typical commercial report.

  2. Does my child need to travel to enroll?

    Options for Enrollment and Intake: 

    1. Visit a BeatCC site offering the trial:

    2. Remote Second Opinion: In consultation with your home care team, as much care as possible can be coordinated at your home hospital, but a remote second opinion with the Beat Childhood Cancer Consortium team must be completed. This process has a $500 hospital fee and eliminates the need for travel. A 2nd consultation may be warranted based on patient, results, and physician review.

    Biopsy tissue can be collected by your home team and will be directed according to the IN:Formation Project study guidelines. The amount of ongoing travel will depend on your home care hospital's ability to deliver treatment. Each patient’s care plan is individualized regardless of location.

Moving Forward.

Speak with your child's oncologist about participation in the Beat Childhood Cancer IN:Formation Project.

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