Any improvement would be better

When my toddler was undergoing the most intense doses of chemotherapy you can give a human being – and hopefully NOT kill them – we used to have our dog stay with my parents until the worst of the vomiting went away.


Because as dogs are prone to eat everything my fear was that our dog would attempt to ‘clean up’ any mess while we were caring for our child and before we could get to the mess.  (She ‘helped’ clean up a few times)

My wife would not change diapers or touch the vomit at this time as well since she was pregnant.

After undergoing MIBG therapy – which delivered a radioactive isotope via IV to my 2 year old child – his diapers (HIS DIAPERS!!!) set off the radiation detectors at the transfer station when the trash collected at our curb set off the sensors.

Think about those three things.

I was afraid my dog or unborn child would be ‘damaged’ from touching the bodily fluids of my two year old because of the chemo we elected to have poured into his veins.

We could no longer have our trash picked up by the town because my son’s diapers triggered a garbage truck to be quarantined and some poor soul had to search all those trash bags for the radiation source (can you imagine what they must have thought when they found diapers???)

There has to be a better way.  There is a better way – and with your support we’ll continue to do our part to help fund the NMTRC to help these kids without robbing them of their childhood with the ‘cure’.

Note: We did have to put our dog to sleep due to a gigantic tumor in her mouth.  Of course I immediately thought of the times she ‘cleaned up’ when I saw that massive tumor in our beloved dogs mouth.


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