Bring a Friend – Tell your Friend #CUREME


In just five days we’ll once again be hosting “Cure Me I’m Irish” our largest annual fundraiser.  This is our SIXTH annual event and I once again find myself in the final wrap up period as we prepare for 1,000 folks to come out and Celebrate with a Purpose!   Every year I continue to be amazed at the extraordinary group of volunteers who make this event happen and all of the wonderful support we receive from folks who buy tickets, donate items and for some reason keep continuing to ask “How can I help?”

This year we have an new answer for you – if you are coming to Cure Me this year bring a friend!

And if you come and have a great time?  Tell a friend!


The single greatest way you can help us to BEAT NB is to continue to grow this event.

Growth at this point can only happen through increased corporate sponsorship and more importantly through continued increases in ticket sales!  Thanks to last years wonderful turnout this year we were able to secure the entire building (the first floor function space is now ours) and we hope to continue that trend.  There is a nightclub that we have not yet taken over and there is always rooms for tents outside to handle the overflow (I’m joking about the tents……I think!).

We want to do everything we can to ensure that you have a great night.

We love feedback so if you have things you’d like to see – tell us.

If you see something you don’t like – tell us.

If you want to take the lead in promoting this event in your community – tell us.

We are all ears and eyes and we’ll be watching social media for your Cure Me pictures and posts using #cureme hashtag to help tell and show others what this event is all about.   I bet you didn’t think it would so easy to help kids?

Come out the event – have a great time – and tell everyone about it – and then bring them back with you next year.

If you keep coming – we’ll make room for you and all your friends!   See you Saturday night!


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