CaseFactori – Cases with a Cause

CaseFactori is a brand new (they just launched Saturday) company which sells iPhone and iPad cases. They’re a bit different though – a portion of every sale they make goes to charity! After meeting us through a review on, they’ve added Because of Ezra to their list of (now 5) supported charities. With so many iProducts out there, and hundreds of accessory companies, it’s exciting to see a company coming out supporting charity.

Driven by their compassion for people and the love for revolutionary products, Case Factori unites your generous support with organizations that are making substantial changes in the lives of others. While Case Factori cares a great deal about the products they want to bring to each of their customers, they dedicate their hearts fully to connecting each customer to a cause that might be close to their hearts. They care about those movements, and believe in the changes each organization continues to make throughout the world.

So check them out if you need a new case!

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