Celebrating Motherhood

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is stronger than natural laws. – Barbara Kingsolver

This Sunday we celebrate motherhood. For some it is a day of great joy and happiness and for others, those who have lost a child or those who are longing to become a mother, it can be very difficult. No matter your story, each of us here on earth has a mother to thank, to honor, or to celebrate for giving us life.

Motherhood is a title that brings with it as much honor and respect as complexity and difficulty. It is a job that begets both pain and happiness, frustration and satisfaction, exhaustion and appreciation. It is a vocation for which no one ever feels truly qualified and an occupational description that changes daily with no days off. There are moments a mother feels like a superhero and days those superpowers seem lost to human frailty.

Regardless of how you define motherhood, I believe that no one fights as hard as a mom. Mothers are the cheerleaders, the prizefighters, and the mama bears standing in the gap for their little ones and forever seeking the best no matter how young or old that child may be. At G9 we are fortunate to have a group of moms known as the #G9motherrunners who have banded together to create movement and momentum of numerous levels. You might see them running a local 5k or even training for their first (or fifth) marathon. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels, but they have one very special thing in common, they are all using their platform as mothers to #growGOLD and raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research.

As a mom who has watched her child go through and lose the battle with pediatric cancer, I am so thankful for these moms. They don’t have children who are sick, but they have a mom’s heart for all children and understand the importance of picking up the proverbial gloves for another mom who so desperately needs encouragement and a glimmer of hope. This is the opposite of “mom-shaming” and is, instead, mom-supporting.

I believe this spirit is innate not only in those who have had children, but in all women as we are designed to nurture and support. I am thankful for this sisterhood of women who are willing to run their race, accomplish their goals, and push themselves in honor of something greater.

I would give most anything to have had the simple opportunity to hug all three of my children at the same time or, at the very least, have a picture of all of them together. Instead, I have a photo with a photo. With the help of the #G9motherrunners, I am determined to ensure that other childhood cancer mothers have the opportunity for more hugs, more photos, and more celebrations of life.

PS. If you want more information how to get involved with the #G9motherrunner movement, check out our Facebook Page and take action.

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