The Hope of DFMO

"We believe that by using DFMO to target an important cancer stem cell pathway to 'turn cells off,' we may prevent children from relapsing. Cancer cells have pathways that drive the cancer to grow and DFMO targets a specific pathway to turn these cells off."

DFMO, or difluoromethylornithine, is an ODC inhibitor which we’ve been funding research into since 2010.

After almost twenty years of dedicated work by Dr. Giselle Sholler and the Beat Childhood Cancer Research Consortium, hundreds of children diagnosed with neuroblastoma have experienced positive outcomes from DFMO, a well-tolerated, oral medication. In fact, data has confirmed that DFMO can reduce the risk of relapse by 50% when used as a maintenance therapy following remission from standard of care therapies.

We have made great strides to have this life-saving drug available to every child, everywhere.


"Dr. Sholler and her team have an unwavering singular focus on doing what is best for the children in the clinic today. That belief drives everything they do and mirrors the indefensible hope that we have as parents of children with cancer that something can be done. This drug approval has the potential to dramatically change the landscape for kids with neuroblastoma, and it all started with the belief that it was possible — followed by the sheer determination to take every step necessary to achieve that goal. We are fortunate to be able to help to fund these efforts to help improve survival for children who need our help."

~ Patrick Lacey, Founder, Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation

The words we have been waiting for:


Finally on December 13, 2023, the FDA announced that DFMO is now approved! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of US World Meds partnering with the Beat Childhood Cancer Research Consortium to bring DFMO through the FDA approval process, the drug is now trademarked under the new name of IWILFIN. Regardless of the name, the data, outcomes, progress, and real-life stories of hope speak for themselves. 


The true length of time to arrive at this historic moment was more than a decade in the making fueled and funded by dedicated parents and family members, a committed medical team, and generous partners and supporters!

And here we are today, celebrating the perseverance, faithfulness, and accomplishments of an ever-hopeful team bringing this less-toxic, maintenance therapy to kids allowing them a true chance to survive and thrive; thus, bringing us one step closer to helping every child, everywhere beat childhood cancer.

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