Next time you are out back playing with your kids or tailgating with your friends and get your hands on a football take a look at it.  Lay it on the ground next to a few tennis balls, a softball, an apple and about 25 grapes.


Imagine putting that many tumors – in those sizes –  inside the body of your 3 year old child.  These tumors disfigure your child – create intense pressure and debilitating pain – and all of these items continue to ‘inflate’ until eventually killing your child.  Cut one out – and 5 more come back.

It is an inevitable path to a gruesome and painful death and it is obviously hard to imagine and difficult to look at this reality.  A reality that is happening right now as across this country today kids who were alive this morning will be dead by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight.  Their pain will end – the horrors and brutal memories for their families will continue.

Do not look away.  Instead?

Do something to help change this reality.


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