Hi! I am Nina the president of Beat Childhood Cancer Edgewood!
About 5 years ago, I lost my little brother to brain cancer.

Since then, I have personally made it a goal to always do what I can to help other kiddos who are fighting their fights.
I started BCCE my sophomore year of college with my best friends to create a space at school to raise awareness and fundraise for cancer research. 
Our events include fundraising activities, student stress relief opportunities, and lots of fun! So far we held a Build a Bouquet event and look forward to hosting more in the future, such as penny wars or Kicking Out Cancer (a kickboxing event!), to bring together our college community and support Beat Childhood Cancer and its mission!

Join us in the fight for every child, everywhere.
Each dollar matters, and it is making a difference.
Together, we will beat childhood cancer.