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Our son in June of 2008 – he was his sister in this photo’s age when he was diagnosed

I first learned of Dr. Giselle Sholler back in 2007 and started to direct our funds towards her work.  In 2008 I scheduled an appointment to go see her to learn more about her program as I knew that we were out of plan B’s and I wanted to have something up our sleeve for Will for when he would eventually need a new therapy.   As fate would have it  – the week before we were scheduled to go (as you can see in the email below) his cancer progressed and we now did not need plan B options but instead we needed a new treatment  plan immediately to keep my son alive.

Nearly six and one half years later and Will is very much alive.  Those options we found with Dr. Sholler  have taken us on an incredible journey with our son – a journey fueled by hope – and funded by you.

Her portfolio of options has continued to expand as she directs all of her fierce determination and energy towards curing all of these children.  She is an undeniable force that will dramatically improve survival statistics for kids with cancer – we can help her achieve this goal by simply giving her the resources she needs to do so.  We need your help – contact us to get involved or donate today and together we can support this extraordinary woman as she changes the world.

From: XXXX@dfci.harvard.edu]

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:31 PM
To: Sholler, Giselle
Cc: Lacey, Patrick
Subject: WL

Dear Giselle

William had routine restaging scans today and has a new nodule at the left costophrenic angle.  It has an MIBG correlate, so I believe this is disease progression unfortunately.  His urines (from last week) were normal.  I stopped the ABT-751.  The family will be seeing you on Monday.  I will do my best to get you the most recent CT and MIBG.

Thanks again for all your help.

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