Fundraising Ideas

Want to give back, but are looking for someplace to start? Check out this list of different types of FUN fundraising opportunities that we can help you setup in your community.

Wiffle Ball / Kickball Tournament – gather up teams, find a field and make a day of it!

Mini Golf Tournament – indoor or outdoor venue, it would be like a regular golf tournament but smaller!

Clambake or Crawfish Boil – sell tickets for a full meal and get some entertainment for a fun time with friends.

Sports Day for Beat CC – many local sports teams will help you with this. Fundraisers will sell tickets to a particular game and part of the proceeds go to you fundraising efforts.

Cook-Off – host a chili (or other kind of food, be creative!) cook off.

Trivia Night – each team signs up pays an entry fee and then the winner gets a prize – you can also add raffles – find a bar and get teams and you’re good to go.

Themed Fundraising Party – you can pick any theme and run with it. We’ve had a group do a Seinfeld party before and it went great!

Rubber Duck Race – Buy some yellow rubber ducks in bulk and write numbers on the bottom of them. Then, sell tickets with the same numbers to your local supporters. Finally, release the ducks into a local river or stream. The first one to cross the finish line entitles its “owner” to a small prize.

Canning/Bake Sale – have your kids do a table outside a local grocery store, who are usually extremely receptive to help!

Garage Sales – Use your throw away items to help raise money.

Lemonade Stands – Great way to spread the word. An even better way to get the kids involved.

“Will do this crazy thing if I can raise this much” Events – create a fundraising page and raise money for doing something crazy – Pie in the face, Run a road race, you name it, you’ll do it (if you hit your goal!)

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