Giving Away $100,000 in 2012


Today marks the day we’ve been without Ezra as long as we were with him. 800 days from the day he died, after living exactly 800 days. It’s a strange day for us.

We thought it would be fitting to do Because of Ezra’s giving for 2012 on this day – this is only something we could have done Because of Ezra. So this morning, Robyn and I presented a gift from Because of Ezra in the amount of $75,000 to the neuroblastoma work being done by Dr Giselle Sholler at the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our gift was matched by an incredibly generous local family trust, meaning the total gift will be $150,000. This is specifically to fund a trial using DFMO, an investigational new drug which prevents relapse of neuroblastoma. We personally know many of the children on this trial, and it’s a drug which has no significant side effects, and so far has been extremely effective. 50% of children who fight neuroblastoma to the point of no evidence of disease relapse – and there is no current cure for relapsed nb. Preventing relapse would be a huge accomplishment. Dr. Giselle Sholler received the gift along with the CEO of the Van Andel Institute, David Van Andel.

We are honored to be able to contribute to work which is making a huge difference in children’s lives who are fighting the disease Ezra died of. In all their names, and from the bottom of Robyn and I’s hearts – thank YOU for supporting what we’re doing Because of Ezra. We couldn’t have done this today without all your support raising awareness and funds. Our board members Marissa Devins, Erica Copeland, and Derek Pupello (and their spouses) all deserve a huge thank you as well – they are incredible people who make doing all this easier, and we are so grateful to have them on board. They are also amazing friends.

Late in December, we also supported the work being done by Dr Robert Seeger and the team at NANT in Los Angeles, with a $25,000 gift. NANT is doing some great work, including a study on the biology of neuroblastoma, and we’re honored to support them as well.

Through your help Because of Ezra was able to give $100,000 in 2012 to researchers, physicians, and scientists making a difference in survival today for children fighting neuroblastoma. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robyn mentioned raising awareness and giving toward a cure is a way for her to continue being Ezra’s mother – to keep honoring his name, to keep fighting the fight he started for us. We know the hurt neuroblastoma brings to a family, and to be able to take that away from someone in Ezra’s name has so much meaning for us.

We look forward to doing even more to cure this horrible disease in 2013 – and telling more people about the need, the fight, and the ways to cure this. It is possible, and with people like you helping us, we know we can do this.

Thank you.


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