It is all just so embarrassing..

Nearly 6 billion  dollars spent on the congressional and presidential elections for 2012.

What will change?  No matter who won the embarrassing behavior from everyone involved will still continue. The polarization has only gotten worse and the complete lack of respect for any other human being ‘not on your side’ has somehow gotten more extreme.

I heard a woman the other day talking about the ‘other’ political party in a way that made it seem like she was discussing an invading army or aliens set to conquer our planet.  These are fellow Americans – not invading soldiers.

And we spent $6,000,000,000 and what has changed?  The great big divide in the middle is still there – and if anything it is now bigger – and parties sit on the fringe hurling rocks back and forth above all of our heads claiming they are right.


Kids keep relapsing.

Kids keep dying.

Kids keep getting diagnosed.

Kids keep getting sent home to hospice.

Kids keep having to rely on their families to try and fund treatments to keep them alive.

So take your pouting over the “loss” and celebrating over the “win” and stuff it.

Then try to realize we are all on the same team and maybe recognize that OUR team continues to circle the drain because everyone is rowing in opposite directions.  Everyone is too busy pointing fingers and highlighting the ways we are different instead of finding common ground to move forward.

Six billion dollars and as far as I can tell NOTHING will change – no matter who wins – until this country starts pointing that finger in the mirror.

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