Karaoke for the Kure in Vegas – a ton of fun!

2014 was our first year in Las Vegas for Karaoke for the Kure! We had a blast throughout the evening, with 150 people in attendance and some amazing singers and supporters enjoying the perfect weather.

Founders and friends!

Founders and friends!

As our first outdoors Karaoke for the Kure event, Container Park (located in the Downtown Project, brainchild of Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh) was incredible. Their team contributed to a beautiful setup, and the space itself was really cool. An entire shopping area built from shipping containers!

Karaoke for the Kure is a fun event every year, but we had a host of performers and entertainers show up this year who really rocked the stage. Ray Toro, formerly of My Chemical Romance and working on a solo project, brought his whole family out (thanks, and great meeting you!) to the event. He even jumped on stage to perform a My Chemical Romance song with a young fan, and another with a not-quite-as-young fan, our friend Ryan from Denver.

Las Vegas headliner Frankie Moreno showed off his harmonica chops, and we had a great duet from felix and Kjay Cavali.


Our host for the evening, Jeff Civillico, was excited and energetic, speaking passionately about Because of Ezra, and yes – enjoying the karaoke.

Childhood cancer is serious, and needs our attention. We throw these events as fun ways to come together around something horrible which we can stop. After losing Ezra, we will continue to do whatever we can to change our story for the next family.

Every day, children are being diagnosed with cancer. The research we’re funding through your support is helping kids live longer today, and giving families hope. It matters. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support Because of Ezra in our first year in Vegas. We’re looking forward to being back next year, and making an even bigger impact for children fighting cancer today and tomorrow.


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