Layla Grace & Beat Nb


We're excited today to be partnering with the Layla Grace Foundation. The Marsh family formed the nonprofit after they lost their daughter Layla Grace to neuroblastoma. Ryan Marsh asked us if we'd transition ownership of their social media accounts. We are honored to do so.

Here's some words from Ryan...

Hi this is Ryan (Layla’s dad). Several years ago, when we met the Matthewses, we felt a strong connection. We both had lost children to nb, and were focused on getting our respective organizations off the launch pad. We had the same mission and the same passion: to build strong organizations to fight nb. That is why, today, The Layla Grace Foundation is proud to announce we’re partnering with Beat Nb to continue the fight. With their research partners, Beat Nb has made a huge difference in survival rates for kids with neuroblastoma.

We ask each of you who supported us in Layla’s fight, to join Beat Nb and help make a real difference. We’re excited to see what the future will bring together!


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