Living In the Moments of Life’s Transitions

“A lot can be told from what happens in between the main moments.” – Annie Leibovitz

June is upon us…and with it comes a flurry of activity. Children move on from one grade to the next, graduation ceremonies usher in the next phase for young adults, marriages mark new chapters for couples in love, and this month brings with it the longest, lightest days of the year. It is a season of transition.

With transition often comes a disruption in the routines to which we have held fast. Some disruptions are welcome, like the ones noted above. These transitions are exciting helping us to grow and evolve into the next iteration of our lives, allowing us to move on from the things that might be holding us back, and bringing about new opportunities. Other disruptions are unwelcome and completely unexpected. These transitions are very difficult, especially when a so-called “new normal” is required that defines a family dynamic and unforgivingly changes the lives of those affected. Regardless of good or bad, transitions weave the tapestry of life together.

The one thing guaranteed in the midst of transition is change – sometimes gradual and other times, immediate. Change can have us holding our breath as we await the new season, or it can blindside us, and leave us to ask, what just happened? It is with courage and conviction of heart that we must face all transitions. The word courage itself comes from the Latin word ‘cor,’ meaning heart, so whether we must go forward with courage in the face of fear or go forward with courage in bravery to reach new, exciting heights, we go forward.

No matter which way a transition comes, it is important for us to be mindful of the moments leading up to the point of change and the moments that will come after. The actual change may not be worthy of focus, rather it is the actions of our heart before and after that tell the stories of the journey. It is a mixture of the laughter and tears, the planned and ad-libbed, the successes and the opportunities to be better – these are the pieces that matter . . . the ones that add richness to the stories and offer perspective when looking through the rearview mirror.

How we deal with transitions and, sometimes just as important, how we help those around us dealing with unexpected transitions can either weave life’s tapestry with beauty or with a tangle of knots. Unwelcome disruptions can be frightening and, often times, leave others wanting to retreat. It is important for all of us to remember that we cannot just stand in the sun of glorious transitions with others, but must also stand beside friends and loved ones in shadows of fear and uncertainty. These moments are the ones that matter most and the ones that speak volumes from and to the heart.

The seasons of life will affect us all at some point; our response to those seasons can bloom or wither. At G9, we are mindful of the moments that have brought us this far, the people who have been with us through laughter and tears, the successes we have enjoyed and opportunities to be better, and the many stories that continue to define the moments on our journey of hope. Regardless of your personal or professional transitions, take a moment during these days of extra light to ask yourself how you may bring that light to every season of life.

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