Making a difference… Because of Ezra

Because of Ezra - Stethoscope

Sometimes we get communication from people which is so powerful we just have to share it. A woman named Stephanie sent us the picture above, of her stethoscope for nursing school. It has Because of Ezra engraved on it, as well as a cross and her initials. Stephanie said this in her message to us:

I received my stethoscope in the mail today! I wanted to make sure the engraving was something that meant something important to me. I engraved Because of Ezra on it along with a cross and my initials. This organization pushed me even more to pursue my dream of nursing – specifically in pediatric oncology where I hope to end up in the future. Now everyday I go to nursing school, I will always see the reminder of exactly what I’m working for and the little boy that changed my life and made me who I am! #EzraMatthews #800days #weLOVEweHOPEweFIGHT

Stephanie – we are so proud to know Ezra’s story touched you enough to move you to this career in nursing with an emphasis on pediatric oncology. It’s beautiful to see Ezra’s story (and so many of the other kids fighting neuroblastoma) affecting lives and change like this.

Thank you – you’re making a difference.

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