Neuroblastoma (nb) is a cancer that affects children. It is among the most common childhood tumors, and typically affects kids under five years old. It is not usually diagnosed until the tumor grows and presents symptoms. The majority of childhood neuroblastoma cases are aggressive, showing survival rates of less than 60% with standard chemotherapy, and a disturbing 50% relapse rate. Once relapsed, there is currently no curative treatment, and for those under five years old, the survival rate is less than ten percent. As such, new therapeutic approaches are urgently needed to treat these children.

  • Most common cancer in infants.
  • 650+ cases per year in the US.
  • Solid mass cancer (tumor).
  • Nearly half of kids diagnosed are under two years old.
  • Nearly half of kids who reach remission relapse.
  • There is no cure for relapsed neuroblastoma.
  • Neuroblastoma is one of 12+ types of childhood cancer.