Neva Nariani is beating neuroblastoma cancer

Neva Nariani

Neva Nariani is beating cancer on one of the clinical trials Beat Nb is helping make happen. 

Neva's potty mouth (😂) and outoing personality were pure joy to be around - especially knowing she'd spent nearly 3 months during treatment where she barely spoke. Her mom Kelsey says about those 3 months that she "felt like I lost my child for three months... she just wasn't there." 

We spent some time with them in the woods of Kentucky at a Ragnar Relay trail run, where Neva's family and friends celebrated Neva being cancer free... by running a combined ~270 miles between 16 people. Over the past two years, they've raised $50,000 for Beat Nb, helping to fund the very clinical trial Neva is currently cancer-free on - and to help so many other kid battling cancer today. We're grateful!

Everything Beat Nb accomplishes is because of a passionate group of parents saying "we WILL beat this stupid cancer," and partnering with incredible researchers and clinicians to make it true. 

Beat Nb is Team Neva.

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