– the launch of #nomorenb

(Holy edits, Batman! We’ve changed #nomorenb to something a little more recognizable – #800days. The project is still around, but can be found on now! 10/30/12)

Today marked the release of the #nomorenb project – you can check out the site at

#nomorenb is a Because of Ezra project dedicated to telling the stories of children with neuroblastoma, and raising funds towards a cure. We’re hoping to share these kids’ stories with the world – there is a real need which not enough people know about. It’s time more people heard about this cancer – we need more attention on the issue, more hands in the battle, and more funds to pay for research and clinical trials.

Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer in infants. Over 600 children a year are diagnosed in the US alone with neuroblastoma – and one will die every 16 hours. Over 70% of children diagnosed are at stage 4 – which has a less than 30% chance of survival. There is currently no cure for relapsed neuroblastoma.

We were so excited to have Caden Shrauger as our first kid featured in the #nomorenb project. The Shraugers are a fun family (check out their site) who are a blast to spend an afternoon with, and are currently living in their camper in the parking lot of the Seattle Children’s Hospital, where Caden has been getting treatment for months. Caden was a happy kid bouncing around, full of high-fives.

A large thanks to the guys in Hey Marseilles as well for coming out and playing for Caden – he even left with some drum sticks!

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