Running Boston While Helping Fund Childhood Cancer Research Efforts

DELAFIELD, WI – Gold In September is thrilled to announce that local marathoner, wife and mother of three, Kris Bachman, will run the  123rd Boston Marathon on April 15, while raising funds for childhood cancer research. The goal Bachman has set for herself is $1,000 for each mile of her marathon journey.

Bachman, who has competed in, and finished, three other marathons, decided to dedicate her miles to childhood cancer after she was profoundly impacted by the story of Sarah Bartosz, President of Gold In September (G9). G9 is a non-profit that raises awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. During a chance encounter with Sarah and her husband John, Bachman learned of the family’s battle with childhood cancer, which took the life of their son Jack, in August 2012. “The meeting struck a chord deep inside me. I couldn’t stop thinking about them,” Bachman recalls.

In 2016, tragedy struck the Bartosz family again, as Sarah lost John because of side effects from a cancer battle he endured in his early 20’s. Knowing how much Sarah and her family lost at the hands of this horrible disease, Bachman was spurred to action. “I wondered how I could help them, and how I could help children with cancer,” she shares.

When Bachman qualified for Boston after running the Wisconsin Marathon in 2018, she knew it was her opportunity to do something more. This was the start of her campaign to raise $26,200 for childhood cancer research. “No matter how things go, I will keep showing. No matter what, this is my fight. Kids with cancer don’t have a choice, they have to show up every day to fight for their life.”

The winter of 2019 has not provided ideal marathon training conditions, yet through the snow, ice and polar vortexes Bachman has persisted. “While my road to Boston has been long and arduous, and required intense discipline and dedication, I am going  to keep moving forward.”

And with that, Bachman continues her journey to make a difference for families in the midst of a childhood cancer diagnosis. Mile-by-mile, one foot in front of the other, she will continue to raise funds for childhood cancer research so that one day, every child, everywhere will survive.

About Gold In September® (G9) G9 is a childhood cancer non-profit dedicated to growing awareness, inspiring action, and funding childhood cancer research. G9 directly funds Early Phase Trials, bringing the newest, most promising treatments to kids faster. Utilizing a noble model of turning the world gold to raise awareness and meet the mission, G9 directly benefits the entire childhood cancer community with gold alliance, resulting in increased funding and support for every child, everywhere. For more information about Gold In September® visit

Kris Bachman Boston Press Release

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