Running 200 miles for Lola

Team Lola

A couple weeks ago some of our friends and family came together to support neuroblastoma research and trials in the craziest way yet! Together we RAN 200 MILES! What an experience it was! Our team of 12 raised over $14,000 to fight for children with the neuroblastoma, the beast that took our precious Lola Mae from us two years ago. Everyone on our team have witnessed the terrors of cancer. Maybe that’s why they were so INCREDIBLE during the race?! Jeff and I were honored to have each one of them fighting at our side.

I’ve never been a part of a relay race like this before, but it turned out to be such an amazing experience and my favorite race yet. Some of us on Team Lola are busy moms and dads that barely have time to “get in shape” for such an event. Some were college athletes that could not be phased by the extreme conditions of heat and endless hills. One friend is an ultra-marathoner, while another friend doesn’t even like running, she just says yes to these crazy adventures for Lola. No matter our experience level everyone came together and fought hard though each mile.


A couple weeks before the race I found out from my doctor that I would not be able to run. It was very disappointing to not get to participate in something that I had dragged so many loved ones along for and we had been fundraising and working so hard towards. But my teammates stepped in and shared my load. My sister ran my first leg, my friend ran my second, and I got to walk my third leg.

Last year we did a half marathon to raise money for Beat Nb as well and afterwards Jeff discovered through pain and some MRIs that he cannot run anymore due to years of wrestling and too many knee surgeries. Even though we weren’t able to run we still gained a great experience.

Our team fought so hard we actually ended up placing 24th out of 526 teams! It took us 27 hours to finish. Most of that time was spent in a van, smelly and tired, chasing the current runner and getting to the next exchange point. We encouraged one another and laughed together. We discussed the latest cancer trials and where we could find a cold beer. Occasionally we closed our eyes for a power nap before hitting the pavement again.


Jeff drove one of the vans during the race and was there to encourage each of Van # 2’s runners. I was told he didn’t sleep and survived on 5-Hour Energies and sunflower seeds;) Being a part of the Ragnar Relay as Team Lola for Beat Nb is an experience we will always be grateful for. It was yet another moment in our lives where we were overwhelmed by the support of our amazing family and friends.

Thank you Leigha, Heather, Jesse, Ashley, Jake, Aaron, Ruby, Lane, Luke, and Levi for being Team Lola. And thank you Kyle, who runs for his son Ezra, for being our team captain. They are so amazing that they just might say yes the next time we ask them to so something crazy for Lola;)

About the Author

Kylee Nimrick

Kylee's daughter Lola Mae was a joyful spirit since the moment she first held her in her arms. She smiled big, hugged softly, and twirled beautifully. She was carefree and imaginative, always playing and happy. At two years old she was already defending her big sister from unfriendly children on the playground. When Lola was 4 years old she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She fought hard through so much, and she did so saying, “I can do it!” The Nimrick's hearts were broken when she received her final healing by going to Heaven after her year-long battle.


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