Spread Golden Hope Like Confetti

Today is Valentine’s Day . . . a day we are called to reach out to those around us and spread love, kindness, and heartfelt thoughts. It is a day to remember the people who truly matter to us and take the time to share and show just how much we care.

In keeping with this sentiment, G9 is spreading the “Lovey” with pediatric patients at some of our Center of Excellence (COE) Hospitals. The G9 Lovey Blanket was created thanks to generous donors and a partnership with Baby Jack Blankets.

While a blanket might seem like a relatively small token to a family going through something as monstrous as the childhood cancer battle, it is meant to be a simple little boost to let them know they are not alone. Days in the hospital are long and lonely. Friends and family may visit, but the loneliness of home and normalcy are ever-present. Our collective hope is that the G9 Lovey Blanket will provide comfort and reassurance, an unexpected gesture of love and friendship, and the sprinkle of hope and encouragement.

“I don’t know what to do and maybe they need their space.” It is a statement I hear often. Let me be perfectly clear . . . when a family is waging war on cancer, small sentiments of love are precisely what they need. A short text letting them know that you are thinking about them, a warm meal, a goodie bag, even a cuddly blanket can be exact medicine the heart requires. Please don’t look for a thank you, just know there is gratitude and great love.

So, as you celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, I want to encourage you to consider those around you who might need some extra support, encouragement, and kindness. Take the time . . . right now (yes . . . right now . . . before you forget) to let someone know they matter to you, they are not alone, and you are holding them close in your thoughts and in your heart, not just today but every day. Take the time to show love to those who are in the midst of the struggle . . . and “Spread Golden Hope Like Confetti.”

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