The Power of Sharing


From our volunteer Jennifer, about the power of sharing…

“This morning at breakfast I was minding my own business, making a waffle, and a lady saw the 4 bracelets on my wrist and said ‘I like your bracelets!’ I said thank you and askedher if she’d like one. She said ‘Do you have cancer?’ I told her no. ‘Your kid? A family member?’ I shook my head. ‘Then why are you giving bracelets out?’

I told her the cliffs notes version of Ezra’s story. And she just tilted her head and said “I don’t understand though. He’s not your child. You’ve never met him. Why do you care enough tell people about him?”

I looked around the breakfast area and pointed to a group of kids running around, and their parents watching them. ‘See those kids playing? And their parents watching, holding their breath when one falls and sighing in relief with nervous laughs when they get up and keep playing?’ She nodded. ‘That’s exactly why. Because every kid deserves to play. And every parent deserves to watch their kids grow.’

She took the bracelet from my hand and put it on her wrist. Then she asked for an extra. She may not remember my name tomorrow, but she’ll know Ezra’s.”

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