This Week in Neuroblastoma – 02-12-14

This week we hear the heart breaking news that a child has relapsed, another child decides he does not want to continue treatment, and we have a huge outpouring of support from the community as well as from Hollywood!

Here’s this week’s links…

Kids – Why We Fight

Nico Cassabria

Nico Cassabria, 6, was told on Valentine’s Day that after 18 months of being NED his cancer has spread. Scans show several new lesions around his spine and in lymph nodes. Please keep Nico in your prayers as his parents and doctors decide the best way to treat his relapsed neuroblastoma. To learn more about Nico, please visit his Facebook page:

Non-Profits / Events / News

Our Heroes 2014: Courageous lad who defied odds to beat neuroblastoma is nominated for award

Alfie Sharpe, 6, has been battling neuroblastoma for over 2 years. His cancer became so aggressive that doctors told his family that there was no further treatment options available for him. His parents refused to accept this news and enrolled Alfie into an infusion immunotherapy treatment trial. After just two sessions of treatment, Alfie was declared NED! Alfie overcame all odds and defied doctors’ logic, and because of that, Alfie has been nominated as a Little Hero at the Daily Record Our Heroes Awards 2014. Congratulations, Alfie! We are so proud of you!

Mum urges wellwishers to pray for little Kian in hospital after operation

Kian Musgrove, 21 months, underwent surgery to remove two neuroblastoma tumors from his adrenal gland and his lymph node. Prior to the surgery, Kian’s mum, Kat, urged supporters to pray for him, “He’s struggling but we just want people to pray for him to try to get him through.” A fund has been started in case Kian relapses and has to travel to the US for treatment. Anyone wanting to donate can do so by logging on to:

Boxing artist to paint Frank Bruno live at Cwmbran

Artist Patrick Killian is to paint boxing legend Frank Bruno live next month at a special event in Cwmbran. Earlier this year, Killian became an ambassador for the Amelia Mae Davies Foundation and also exhibited his work at the Amelia-Mae Davies Neuroblastoma Foundation ball in Liverpool on January 25. A huge thank you to Mr. Killian and his support for neuroblastoma!

Celebs tweet for young Plymouth ‘superhero’ Henry Hallam

Gordon Ramsay, Matt Lucas, Danny Dyer, Louise Rednapp, Gaby Roslin, Sharron Davies and Bobby Davro are just a few of the celebrities that have rallied behind 4 year old Henry Hallam. Henry was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in September 2012. Since diagnosis, Henry’s mother, Elsbeth, started a Twitter campaign to raise awareness and funding for Henry. Celebrities began following Henry on Twitter and have been sharing his story. Elspeth said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. Their help really gets his story out there, it really is amazing. It may not be significant to them but it is to us, it really means a lot and will help in raising our profile and getting Henry the help he needs.” Thank you to all the celebrities who are showing their support for Henry and neuroblastoma awareness!

Volunteers remodel bedroom for young girl with cancer

Director of a non-profit called “Special Spaces” rounded up volunteers to remodel eight year old Arianna Dougan’s bedroom. Arianna was 2 ½ when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and has since underwent over 29 rounds of chemotherapy. Thankfully, Arianna just received some great news from her doctors-she is now NED! This is just an amazing story all around!

Facebook grief sparked after cancer sufferer Reece Puddington from Whitstable reveals he’s opted against treatment to possibly prolong his life

No child should ever have to decide that they do not want to go through any more cancer treatment; however, that is exactly what 10 year old Reece Puddington has decided. Reece has been battling neuroblastoma for 6 years and suffered a relapse last year leaving him bedridden. In January, Reece made a bucket list which included wanting to meet actor Johnny Depp, a visit to Sun City in South Africa, a hobbit house in his back garden, and launching Reece’s Retreat, a foundation aiming to raise funds to buy a beach hut on West Beach to give seriously ill children a day by the sea. Reece wrote on his Facebook page: “As you know after the latest scan results I was sent home to rest and think over the two possible options. I could opt for another trial, but this would mean travelling a lot to the hospital and coping with the side effects, but could also hopefully extend my life, or I could simply do nothing, stay at home and let nature take its course which would lead to me lose my life slightly earlier than if I’d had more treatment.” Please keep Reece and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this extremely difficult time.

Local Restaurants Holding Fundraiser for Wheeling Boy Fighting Rare Form of Cancer

The Ohio Valley community came together to support 2 year old Hines Rotriga who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last December. Bob Evans will donate 15 percent of guest checks to Hines and his family from February 16th-22nd. You can keep track of Hines’ progress on his “Hope for Hines” Facebook

Blanket made for cancer patient

A chili cook-off fundraiser was held at Furlyn Farm & Stables to benefit the Deborah Rose Foundation. Deborah was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma on March 5, 2013, and become paralyzed from the waist down in September. An avid equestrian, a blanket was made from all the horse show ribbons Deborah had won and was presented to her during the fundraiser. What a thoughtful

Monroe child’s story inspires St. Jude Radiothon poster

Karson Sanchez, 2, is one of the children on this year’s local St. Jude Radiothon poster. Karson’s mother Cherish, shared Karson’s story which sparked a St Jude Radiothon which raised $112,624.07. Karson was diagnosed in 2013 with neuroblastoma after his mother took him to the doctor for a severe cough. After an x-ray it was revealed that there was a mass in Karson’s chest cavity. Currently, Karson is NED. You’re in our prayers, Karson!

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