This Week in Neuroblastoma – 02-12-14

This week we introduce you to a true superhero, a child is made an honorary police officer, a father steps up and speaks out against a distasteful road sign, and we share some awesome fundraising events!

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Kids – Why We Fight

It’s a bird…It’s a plane….No, it’s Super Micah

Superman has nothing on this awesome 4 year old superhero! Currently, Micah is overcoming his nemesis, neuroblastoma, and is NED! He still will endure 2-5 years of treatment. You can find out more about Micah and get updates by “liking” the Facebook page “Praying for Micah Ahern.” You’re a superhero in our eyes, Micah!

Non-Profits / Events / News

Middleboro: 7-year-old gets a hero’s send off

Jesse Heikkila, 7, was made an honorary Bridgewater police officer at his wake this week; a perfect and beautiful send off for a courageous little boy who battled neuroblastoma for 4 years. Jesse wanted to be a police officer when he grew up and Bridgewater Officer Dawn Savery made sure his wish came true. “When I saw he wanted to be a police officer I made it my own personal goal to make sure he was that officer,” says Officer Savery. Jesse’s parents, Jeffery and Suzanne Heikkila continue the battle to find a cure and ask contributions may be made in their son’s name to The Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium at

‘Brilliant’ launch raises £5k in memory of toddler

The Amelia-Mae Foundation held its official launch ball in Bromborough on the Wirral. The event was a huge success! The Foundation was created in memory of Amelia-Mae Davies, who lost her tragic battle with neuroblastoma in July 2013, when she was only 2 years-old. The ball raised more than £5,000 for the Foundation. More information can also be found on the website,

Man with terminal cancer dedicated to fundraising for sick stepdaughter

Tom Attwater was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but instead of focusing on himself, he decided to focus on his 5 year old stepdaughter, Kelli Smith who is battling neuroblastoma. Tom has set out to raise half a million pounds to ensure that Kelli can travel abroad for treatment even after he is gone. Thus far, Tom has raised £190,000. You can find out more about The Kelli Smith Appeal by following @kellisappeal on

School holds fundraiser for boy, 2, fighting cancer

Not even Mother Nature and her down pouring rain could stop a fundraiser supporting 2 year old Cannon Wiggins from taking place! Many people showed up to show their support for Cannon who is battling neuroblastoma. The school kids sold cookies at the ‘Cookies for Cannon’ stand and special ‘Keep Calm’ and ‘Cannonball
Cancer’ t-shirts were also sold in support of Cannon. You can follow Cannon’s fight online at and on Facebook at

Battling childhood cancer: a mother’s perspective

Nicole Wold knows a world that most pretend does not exist. Nicole knows just about everything about neuroblastoma. She understands its formation and can talk about the statistics and treatment options for it. She knows how to flush feeding tubes and chest tubes, and manage the day-to-day care of a cancer patient. Nicole is not a nurse or a doctor; she is a mother to a toddler battling this ugly disease. Keanna was diagnosed this past Christmas Eve with stage IV neuroblastoma. Nicole is a single mother who has two other children as well. Keanna’s grandmother has set up a fundraiser to help Wold with the costs associated with treatment. Donations can be made by visiting:

Families struggling with cancer cry out for more support

Mitchell Luders, 11, and Steven Vesel, 10 are two friends who have more in common than the love of sports and playing video games. Mitchell and Steven were both diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Unfortunately for Mitchell, he relapsed after being in remission for 8 months. Both the Luders and the Vesel family are demanding more awareness, more support, and more funding for neuroblastoma-a cancer they knew nothing about before their sons were diagnosed.

‘We need €500k to cure our baby girl’s cancer’ – Clodagh’s mum and dad’s heartfelt appeal

Clodagh, 14 months old, was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma when she was only 5 weeks old. Although she has already received rigorous bouts of chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy, and has undergone surgery to have her primary tumor removed, little Clodagh has never stopped smiling. Her parents John and Tammy are raising funds to ensure Clodagh can travel to Michigan to participate in the DFMO trial. The treatment itself is estimated to cost €150,000, however, John and Tammy are hoping to raise €500,000 to pay for further treatment in case Clodagh relapses. If you wish to support Clodagh, please visit her Facebook page:

Dancers’ show to help Bradley Lowery’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma

Dance First Academy will host a charity night in aid of Bradley Lowery’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma. Amy Kensley, 19, and sister Ellie Kelsey, 8, were touched by Bradley’s story and wanted to show their support so they organized this event. Bradley,2, was born with neuroblastoma in January 2013. A huge fundraising drive is underway to raise £500,000 in case Bradley suffers a relapse. o find out more about Bradley’s plight, follow @bradleysfight on twitter and Facebook.

Bar’s Super Bowl joke prompts social media firestorm

Following this year’s Super Bowl, the sign at the Blind Tiger Bar & Grill read, “Broncos couldn’t beat the sick kids at St Judes.” It’s since been taken down after receiving backlash from the social media. The staff has apologized, but that’s not enough for a man whose daughter has cancer. Jesse Moore’s 3-year-old daughter Jillian is fighting stage IV neuroblastoma and he rightfully took offense to the sign and went to the restaurant to voice his anger. “I said, ‘I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has neuroblastoma cancer. It’s got a 50-50 shot of killing her, and what was on that sign was just soulless,'” Moore said. Moore received a verbal apology from a staff member, however, that was not good enough. Moore demanded that the restaurant’s co-owner not only personally donate to St. Jude’s but also put in some volunteer hours there. We hope the co-owner obliges Moore’s demands as there is no excuse for such a tasteless act.

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