This Week in Neuroblastoma – 02-28-14

This week we hear four wonderful words: No-Evidence-of-Disease! And we hear about some generous people and organizations dedicated to raising funding for neuroblastoma fighters! What a great week!

Here’s this week’s links…

Kids – Why We Fight

Gage and Jace Maloney

This week 6 month old twin neuroblastoma brothers Gage and Jace Maloney received some amazing news-they were declared NED (no evidence of disease)! Gage and Jace were diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma the moment they entered into the world on August 12, 2013. These two brothers are the 10th documented case of identical twins with neuroblastoma! Keep up the fight, Gage and Jace! We are so ecstatic to hear this news! To following Gage and Jace’s journey, please visit their CaringBridge page at:

Non-Profits / Events / News

Girl, 4, meets rugby heroes as cancer trial funds bid kicks off

Merryn Lacy, 4, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013 met her rugby heroes this past week during the team’s training session. A campaign has been started to raise money for Merryn’s treatments which she travels from Dublin to America every three months. The target goal is to raise €500,000 which would cover treatment if Merryn relapses. Find out more about Merryn’s fight or ways you can donate to her medical expenses on her website or on

Comment of the Day: ‘harrisburg tax payer’ is grateful for the Four Diamonds Fund

The Four Diamonds Fund paid for all of a 7 year old neuroblastoma fighter’s treatments and helped the family receive a room at the Ronald McDonald House while their son was undergoing treatment. Thank you, Four Diamonds Fund for your support!

Mum of little battler Bradley Lowery ‘gobsmacked’ by Pride of Hartlepool nomination

Gemma Lowery has always been there for her son Bradley throughout his fight with a neuroblastoma and was nominated for a Pride of Hartlepool Award. Gemma, who spends six days a week at Bradley’s bedside during treatment, was nominated by Mark Rycraft who praised her “strength and courage in the face of continuing obstacles relating to her son Bradley Lowery. A fundraiser for Bradley has also been set up for £500,000 for treatment overseas in the event he should suffer a relapse. Congratulations, Gemma and best wishes to you, Bradley!

Fairhaven restaurant holds benefits for community causes

Lori Truehart will be hosting a benefit this Saturday at her restaurant for 16 month old Athyn Sousa, who is battling Stage 4 neuroblastoma. Truehart said when she heard a radio story that Sousa’s parents had to quit their jobs to care for him, she decided to act. “It’s very easy to turn your head to a situation if it’s not you,” she said. “But I think you have to give back because there’s always someone who has it worse than you.

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