This Week in Neuroblastoma – 03-19-14

This week we hear several parents making a plea for financial assistance to help cover the mounting medical bills to ensure their child receives every neuroblastoma treatment possible. We also see a lot of green with some wonderful St. Patrick’s Day fundraising events and we have a special guest appearance by the King of Rock ‘n Roll!

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Family hope public appeal will help daughter beat cancer

One and a half year old Alice Turner is battling neuroblastoma since December 2013. Alice’s parents are seeking a public appeal to help raise funding for the DFMO treatment offered in the United States. Treatment alone will will cost between €150,000 to €200,000. The Turner’s have set up a charity called A Chance for Alice to raise these funds. To learn more about how you can help Alice, please visit

Kid’s life shouldn’t be a trial by cash

Helplessly watching and trying to bring comfort to their child battling cancer would seem to be enough, however, many parents are also forced to balance caring for the needs of their child and finding means to pay for their child’s potentially life-saving treatments. Ground-breaking trials are already going on in the United States forcing overseas families to come up with hundreds of thousands of pounds to come to America to save their child’s life. This is the reality for the parents of Alice Turner, Clodagh Daly, Donal Parsons, Lily-Mae Morrison, Merryn Lacy, Robyn Smith and others. More must be done to assist these families and ease their financial burden. Money shouldn’t stand in the way of saving these children’s

Victorian cancer patient’s birthday card wish

All neuroblastoma warrior Rafael Moraes wants for his tenth birthday is cards. After making his request on his Facebook page, Rafael’s Warriors, his post was shared numerous times and the cards started coming in from Canada, England, Brazil, Germany and Australia. You can send Rafael a birthday card to PO Box 1617 Werribee 3030 or go to his Facebook page Rafael’s

Hair hit the floor at St. Baldrick’s fundraiser

St. Patrick’s Day is all about wearing the green. St. Baldrick’s is all about wearing a cape—a barber’s cape that is! This past Saturday, numerous people came together to shave their locks to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. St. Baldrick’s was hosted by Rick and Shannon Meyers and their families in memory of Gavin Meyers, their son, who died shortly after his first birthday on June 27, 2008, of neuroblastoma. We are so proud of the over 300 people who participated in such an incredible event!

Shamrock day for Hoddlesden’s Sam Shaw

A St. Patrick’s Day event was held for neuroblastoma fighter Sam Shaw, 5, this past weekend. The event was held to raise funding for Sam’s treatment which is only available in the US. We hope this weekend’s event was a complete success!

Idle Elvis is in the building!

Elvis is in the building! Well, the Idle Elvis will be. The tribute performer will be appearing at Big Soup which is hosting the concert to raise money for 8 year old neuroblastoma fighter Callum Ingham. Thank you, thank you very much for your support!

‘Run for Charlotte’ race set for April 27 in Braintree

The 4th annual Run for Charlotte road race to benefit neuroblastoma research and relief for families fighting cancer is scheduled for Sunday, April 27. The race is in loving memory of Charlotte Rose Kelly who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age 2 in 2009. Despite extensive treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation and two stem-cell transplants, the disease relapsed and Charlotte died Dec. 7, 2011. To register for the race, visit

Family overjoyed as Fraja Simpson’s rare cancer vanishes

Absolutely incredibly! Fraja Simpson, 6, has been battling neuroblastoma for 15 months and doctors are baffled as her disease miraculously disappears! Consultants at Leeds General Infirmary said they are at a loss to explain why Fraja is suddenly free of the aggressive disease or why it has cleared within nine months of her tumour being removed. The family remains cautiously optimistic as relapsed neuroblastoma is extremely common. We are so excited for you, Fraja and are praying for you!

Toddler needs your help to beat cancer

Charlie Grantham’s parents are making a desperate plea for the public’s help. Charlie, 2, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in November 2013, after his mother noticed that he had stopped eating and his abdomen had doubled in size. NCCA UK chief executive Bettina Bungay-Balwah said: “We’re still working tirelessly to raise funds for new UK trials and bring promising international treatments to the UK, but unfortunately some families and friends are left with no other option but to fundraise for specialist trialed treatment when needed. I would urge anybody reading this to give what they can to help Charlie beat this aggressive cancer.” To make a donation visit

When thank you is not enough (Letter

Diane Patterson writes a very heartfelt letter detailing her gratitude for her community that embraced her 9 year old great-niece Alexa Dacres who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Diane continues to extend her thanks to all those who attended fundraisers and donated towards Alexa’s mounting medical bills. In closing, Diane shares that Alexa’s latest scans reveal that she is still NED. Please continue to pray for

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