This Week in Neuroblastoma – 10/22/12

A lot of hope can be found in this week’s articles. Inspirational kids, supportive parents and loyal supporters are all working hard to fund research for new developments in fighting neruoblastoma.

Here’s this week’s links…

Kids – Why We Fight

Talia Joy Castellano

Talia, 13, started experimenting with make up when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma six years ago. Now battling NB and leukemia, Talia continues to use make up “as her wig” and fights on with unrelenting spirit. Her YouTube tutorials have made her an internet sensation and most recently, helped her become an honorary Cover Girl.

Non-Profits / Events / News

Wee Oscar Fights Back

Last week, we told you about celebrity boxers in Oscar’s home town helping to raise money for his medical bills. This week, Oscar Knox did some fighting of his own, battling a collapsed lung and showing signs of improvement.

Brad Walst Walks Fundraises for NB Research

Three Days Grace bassist, Brad Walst found out that his son had neuroblastoma four years ago. In the years since, he has supported the James Fund in attempts to discover new drug treatments for NB, raising over $65K. While his son’s tumor has stabilized, he realizes that not all children are so lucky. To show his continued support, Walst is joining in on the Walk/Run for the James Fund Oct. 28th.

2nd Annual Walk for Thomas

The second annual Walk For Thomas will take place Sunday, Oct 28th in Calgary. The walk is in memory of Thomas Meuller, who passed away from neuroblastoma after a courageous fight.

Great Floridian Helps Malia Crush Cancer

Malia Jusczyk, 4, may have beaten cancer, but her family isn’t done fighting. Malia’s father, a former minor league soccer player, and 10 others will compete in the Great Floridian Triathlon to raise money for the Malia Crushes Cancer Foundation. Money raised will be donated to NB research.

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