This Week in Neuroblastoma – 10/22/13

Aaaaand we’re back. Did you miss us? We’ve got some catching up to do.

Here’s this week’s links…

Kids – Why We Fight

Henry Allen

4 year old Henry Allen has become too sick for more treatment. The little fighter says he doesn’t want any more medicine to battle his neuroblastoma, and his parents now want to take him home and make him comfortable. We’re praying for you buddy!

Neal Spickert-Fulton

After having some tummy troubles for quite some time, an ultrasound revealed a mass in 3-year-old Neal Spickert-Fulton. He was diagnosed with stage III neuroblastoma on August 6th, and is now starting his battle with the monster. To help with medical costs, a pizza fundraiser was held last week. The Spickert-Fulton family will need emotional help along this exhausting journey as well. Keep fighting, Neal!

Lily-Mae Morrison

Lily-Mae is in remission! After 16 months of treatments, scans show no sign of cancer in Lily-Mae’s body. Her family is cautiously optimistic; they know the chances of a relapse are high. Still, they’re celebrating the clear scan results – and so are we!

Non-Profits / Events / News


What do you do to show support when your friend’s son, a sweet boy with the “heart of a lion”, is diagnosed with neuroblastoma? You turn your car into a traveling zoo and raise money for charity! At least, that’s what Paul Byrne and “Irish” Wallace are doing. They’re driving from Bundaberg to Wollongong in a 20 year old car to raise money for Camp Quality in honor of Alex Byrne.

Third Annual “Walk for Thomas”

The third Annual “Walk for Thomas” took place on October 20th. The walk honors Thomas Wilkins, who battled neuroblastoma for 4 years before passing away at the age of 7. All money raised through the walk will benefit The Phage Display project, which uses “an innovative approach to identify and kill neuroblastoma cells while sparing normal cells in children”.

Great Floridian Triathlon

For the second year now, a team competed in the Great Floridian Triathlon in honor of Malia Jusczyk. Malia is 5 and a proud neuroblastoma survivor. Donations to the triathlon team will benefit the For Kids’ Sake Foundation, which Malia’s dad, Glen started to help fund NB research and help families of kids going through treatment financially.

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