This Week in Neuroblastoma – 1/21/13

We’re back at it! More news on the NB front.

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Kids – Why We Fight

Jamie Inglis

We were crushed to hear seven-year-old Jamie Inglis died this week. Jamie was diagnosed at three years old, and beat neuroblastoma once. He was in remission for 18 months before relapsing. He was undergoing treatment for his relapse in Germany when he died. His mother, Vicky Inglis, took to Jamie’s Facebook page to announce Jamie’s passing. She describes her son as an “amazing child” and says that “neuroblastoma only seeks out the best. The best is what Jamie is.”

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Surgery to Treat Neuroblastoma Isn’t Justifiable

Currently, one of the first treatment options for children is removal or resection of the primary tumor. However, a study by Oncology Nurse Advisor has concluded that “aggressive surgery isn’t justified for these patients”. According to their study, the invasive surgery is not likely to prolong the child’s life.

Paladin Labs Signs Agreement for Novel Biologic to Treat Neuroblastoma

Does that title sound like a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo to you? (Because it did to me.) But what it boils down to is Paladin Labs Inc has announced that is now has an exclusive licensing agreement for a new, antibody-based immunotherapy for children with high-risk NB. The drug used in the trial, APN311, “has shown promise in improving survival rates in the treatment of children diagnosed with neuroblastoma”, according to the President and CEO or Paladin Labs Inc. The treatment is now being tested in Canada and Sub Saharan Africa.

Identification Of New Pathway Could Control Response Of Neuroblastoma Tumors To Treatment

The neuroblastoma program at Texas Children’s Hospital is working towards a better understanding of the way NB tumors develop resistance to therapies. They are hoping that further understanding this relationship will provide new and improved treatment options for children with the disease.

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