This Week in Neuroblastoma – 7/02/12

This week is one of those weeks I hate. Two kids died too young this week, because of neuroblastoma. This is why we fight.

Here’s this week’s links.

Kids – Why We Fight

7 Year Old Michael Malone Dies

I always have trouble with how to write about a kid the world loses to cancer. What do I say? I can’t stand the term “lost the battle” – it’s unfair, seems to suggest some weakness, and I would never say it. I hated when people said Ezra “lost his battle.” I don’t like the term “joined the angels” either… it doesn’t express the depth of pain that comes with this loss. And so, most times, I default simply to… died. It is such a strong word we look for other words to say it. Passed on. Left us. Is no longer here. But death is hard, and why should we water down the word? Or the pain? To the Malones: I hate that you have to feel this hurt. I hate that you have to know this pain. I am so sorry.

Olivia Downie Dies, at Home in Scotland

Again we have lost a beautiful child too early. Olivia’s family fought with so much strength – leaving their home in Scotland to fly to Mexico for an experimental treatment after conventional treatment held no hope for Olivia. This past week, after the treatment in Mexico also couldn’t cure her, they fought again to return home with her. She died two days later. To the family – we are so sorry. We will fight with you still. all over the internet… including

Corey Ashcroft – Clear! Heading to Mexico…

Corey Ashcroft was treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this past year, and recently pronounced NED (no evidence of disease). His folks are taking him to the Hope 4 Cancer centre in Tijuana now for a holistic treatment designed to boost his immune system. Congrats, guys!

Non-Profits / Events / News

Noah Nelson and Family Raise over $500,000

$65,000 came in to support the CNCF this week from the 8th Annual Fore Noah and Friends Golf Tournament. This marks the $500,000 milestone Noah and his family have raised towards curing neuroblastoma over the past 8 years! Noah Nelson’s Blog

$75,000 from Hyundai to Support NB Research

Hyundai is pretty cool about supporting pediatric cancer. They’ve given $75k to Dr Stuart Cramer at UAB for his work in treating nb with a new drug called MLN8237.


New Cleveland BioTech Drug and Chemo – Promising

A new drug by Cleveland BioTech called CBL0137 has shown complete neuroblastoma tumor regression in mice, when combined with existing nb treatment chemos cyclophosphamide and topotecan. Fierce BioTech Research

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