This Week in Neuroblastoma – 7/8/13

Our hearts go out to the Davies family as they say good-bye to Amelia-Mae this week. We’re also learning about several groups of researchers working hard to save the lives of other neuroblastoma patients.

Here’s this week’s links…

Kids – Why We Fight


Amelia-Mae Davies is now “flying with the angels”. The sweet two-year old has been fighting neuroblastoma since last September. Her community has been working diligently to raise the funds needed to get her to America for treatment. Sadly, Amelia passed away at home last Friday. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Davies family.


Jayson Brown was diagnosed with neuroblastoma with MYCN amplification in 2012, at the age of 9. After 6 rounds of chemo, 14 rounds of radiation, several surgeries and a stem cell transplant, Jayson entered remission in March of 2013. Unfortunately, he relapsed soon after. The cancer has grown up his spine, into his stomach, chest, legs and skull. It is also in his bone marrow. Jayson has courageously decided that he does not want to undergo more treatment. He feels that his body is ready for peace. But don’t worry, he’s not done fighting. Jayson and his family are now preparing for their Make A Wish trip to Maui as a family.


Brayden Brorson’s parents thought that he had the flu. They were surprised, to say the least, when their one-month-old was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Brayden’s tumor started on his kidney and wrapped itself around his spine. After four rounds of chemo and five surgeries, only a small portion of the tumor still remains on Brayden’s spine. He is now 19 months old.

Non-Profits / Events / News

Cancer Vaccine Research

The Humana Foundation has granted The University of Louisville $500,000 to research a potential vaccine for childhood cancers!

Carragher Backs Amelia-Mae

Liverpool FC celebrity Jamie Carragher met runners at the finish line of a week-long marathon last Thursday. The runners were participating to raise money for the Amelia Mae campaign, to get her to the US for treatment that is not available in the UK. Carragher also urged the public to join him in supporting the team as they ran over 250 miles.

Enzymes Block Chemotherapy

Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center and at Heidelberg University Hospital are looking for more effective ways to treat neuroblastomas. Through their studies, they have discovered a sneaky little enzyme that may be protecting cancer cells from chemotherapy treatment!

Motorcylist Plans Sponsored Trip

52-year-old Andrew Smith is planning a sponsored motorcycle ride to help raise money for Sam Shaw. Sam’s family is hoping to raise the £250,000 needed to get him to America for treatment. Smith will be hopping on his hog and making the 528-mile trip very soon in an effort to make things a little easier on the Shaw family.

Improvements in Iran

A thirty-two year study has shown that, although Iranian neuroblastoma patients have an overall lower survival rate than those of more developed countries, their outcome has significantly improved.

Aurora-A and MYCN vs. Novel Inhibitors

The Würzburg study group, along with an international team, has identified novel inhibitors that are able to disrupt the complex of Aurora-A and MYCN. Aurora-A and MYCN protein are assumed to be responsible for the fast and furious growth of neuroblastoma tumors as well as their resistance to conventional drugs. Their research was tested on mouse models and is still being explored further.

Teddy Berger-Greer Neuroblastoma Research Fund

The Teddy Berger-Greer Neuroblastoma Research Fund is partnering with The Pablove Foundation to fight pediatric cancers. They are raising funds for a research grant in Teddy’s memory. To stay updated on events and ways to help, “like” their facebook page!

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