Transforming the Story of Childhood Cancer

Viewing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2019 through the rearview mirror has been a wonderful lesson in realizing that looking back helps to transform the future. While recalling the flurry of GOLDEN events that made up September 2019 is important, in order to truly make an impact and find cures for every child, everywhere, G9 must look forward with 20/20 vision in an effort to transform the story of childhood cancer.

And yet we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to thank the many individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations that came alongside G9 to raise awareness and funds throughout the month of September. G9 was honored to author a proclamation for the Governor of the State of Wisconsin, declaring September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and celebrate the announcement with our local partners. Likewise, we were thrilled that other Governors and the President of the United States did the same.

We witnessed the entire United States turn gold, as individuals across the country donned G9 Gold Rush t-shirts. Supporters took to bikes at Cycle For Gold, filled the stands at Gold Out Games across the US, bought baked goods, and hosted and participated in countless other creative fundraising events.

September 2019 was a month filled with the golden best of everyone in service to kids who fight this horrible disease on a daily basis. But now, as we sit in the middle of October, it is important to remember that the battle does not end in the rearview mirror focusing on September. Kids face cancer diagnoses every month of the year. In fact, by the time you finish reading this blog, at least one parent will hear the words “your child has cancer.”

Add to this startling statistic the most recent announcement that chemotherapies, though antiquated and toxic, are facing a shortage and the battle in front of us becomes even more paramount. You see, we cannot afford to look backwards for too long or we will continue to rely on the past, a past that may have not offered the best solutions; instead, we must forge ahead so that researchers have the support needed to bring new and novel therapies from the bench to the bedside. Our children deserve a bright future.

With this in mind, as we sit at the doorstep of a new decade, G9 is moving forward with a clear 20/20 vision, utilizing progressive business practices to ensure that our efforts are always in service to kids fighting cancer. We continue to hold fast to growing awareness and funding so that every child, everywhere survives cancer. And while we forge ahead with this 20/20 vision, we are working fervently in Uniting Precision Medicine, Precision Awareness, and Precision Funding.

Only through the collaboration of all our best efforts can we beat this horrible disease. Together, we are Transforming the Story of Childhood Cancer. This can only happen if we learn from the lessons viewed through the rearview mirror and work together to write a better story moving forward.

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