What if Every Day was TWOsday?

It has been a week since we recognized Giving Tuesday 2019. Each of our newsfeeds and inboxes were a flurry of amazing opportunities to help great causes – organizations and programs that can only fulfil their mission through the support of generous donors.

When fighting a foe such as childhood cancer, it can seem a daunting task…as if the funding needs to overcome such an atrocity are just too vast for any one person to overcome. In some ways this is true. Funding research for new childhood cancer therapies is not something that can be realized by just one donation, rather, it takes everyone doing their part.

Louisa May Alcott put it so well when she said “it takes two flints to make a fire.” Think about that for a minute…even if you wanted to light a match, you would require a second surface to bring about a flame. In essence, when we come together, we are able to do far greater things…to ignite a small spark that spreads into something much bigger…much more significant.

At Gold In September we are immensely thankful for the individuals, foundations, and organizations that come alongside us to fund childhood cancer research. We are always encouraged by the bustle of activity during September (childhood cancer awareness month), as well as days like Giving Tuesday, when everyone is reminded to give back. But the sad fact of the matter is that kids battle cancer year-round, not just during a specific month, or on a given day. In fact, by the time you finish reading this post, another family’s world will change as they are giving this devastating news.

One day, and one month are a good start…but more help is needed so that one day every child, everywhere survives cancer. What if we told you that thanks to the support of a generous donor, your contribution would be doubled? What if every dollar you gave through the end of the year was matched dollar-for-dollar? What if $5 became $10, $50 was $100, and $500 became $1000? What if every day this month was TWOsday?

This is how two small flints create a fire. This is how a small donation can make a big difference. This is how together, we can transform the story of childhood cancer. Donate now…and see your dollars double!

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