What is Cure Me I’m Irish?


There are innumerable non-profits doing great work throughout this country – there are countless NB specific foundations here in the US as well. Many of them do important things like providing financial assistance to families or emotional support and there are lots of groups that fund research all over the US.

I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

And while our efforts and dollar amounts pale in comparison to so many other NB foundations I am continually amazed at how far each dollar we provide to Dr. Sholler and the NMTRC is going.

The money we raise together is quite literally impacting survival of kids today.  There are studies we have helped open that kids are currently enrolled on and that are doing fabulous – thanks to your work to give Dr. Sholler the tools she needs.  There is yet another study waiting to be opened and we will use the proceeds from next weeks event to open this study.

Think about this fact: Sometime this summer a child with relapsed NB somewhere in this country – a kid who is battling now or a kid who has not yet relapsed – will enroll on a clinical trial that YOU are about to open.

And that my friends is EXACTLY what our Cure Me I’m Irish event is all about – impacting survival today.

Get your tickets – tell your friends – come out and have a great time while we celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a purpose: Saving KIDS with cancer.

If you don’t come – you wont’ be there!  This year when the photo above is taken will you be there showing your support to save these kids – to help Dr. Sholler and the NMTRC cure the incurable?

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