What Is . . .

. . . hope?

Social distancing can not and will not stop the spread of awareness, knowledge, and action. Walking around the neighborhood with my kids last night, I was delighted to see the letters H-O-P-E colorfully painted and hanging in a front window. We stopped to admire the thoughtful handiwork with a smile and, in the moment, truly felt that hope. Though we can’t embrace each other with a normal hug or handshake, we are currently being given an opportunity to plant and spread seeds of hope in our own yard, in our own home, and virtually for our world that will, in one way or another, carry to others gently, thoughtfully, and purposefully.

Now, more than ever, this ‘planting of seeds’ metaphor is a guiding principle to ensure our hopes and intentions can be felt, heard, and seen. In an effort to continue the mission to grow awareness and inspire action, Gold In September (G9) launched a 16-part series entitled “What is . . .” to inform and motivate even a small seed of knowledge to be planted and nurtured into the growth of progress.

What is . . . childhood cancer?

Childhood cancer is a worldwide, socio-economic diverse disease. Persistent, consistent, and uniquely resistant to many of the therapies used to treat adult cancers, childhood cancer is many things; forgiving is not one of them. Cancer is a much different disease in kids than in adults. There are more than a dozen major types of disease that fall under the broad heading of ‘childhood cancer.’ Countless subtypes of each type of cancer exist and each is as unique as the child diagnosed. Researchers and doctors are working to not only better understand the diseases, but better understand each individual patient and the best ways to treat and ensure long-term survival. G9 is committed to fostering change; I am committed to facilitating hope.

Just this week, The Lancet Oncology Commission published an article reporting that an estimated 13.7 million children will be diagnosed with cancer worldwide over the next 30 years. The Commission concluded that appropriate investments and interventions will result in a gain of $3 for every $1 invested if children are allowed to grow up and contribute to our worldwide productivity, work force, and economy. The Commission concluded, “In sum, the burden of childhood cancer, which has been grossly underestimated in the past, can be effectively diminished to realize massive health and economic benefits and to avert millions of needless deaths.”

What is . . . childhood cancer? A problem; a problem that, together, we can solve. With investment and optimism, we can create a future for children to grow.

What is . . . it going to take? Awareness and action. Innovative treatments that minimize long-term side effects is an investment in life of a child worth supporting. Childhood Cancer may be many diseases, but childhood cancer is solvable, manageable, and, one day, curable with action. Supporting research plants seeds of hope for every child, everywhere.

What is . . . hope? Hope is a decorated door, an acquisition of knowledge, an investment of resources, a belief in progress, a commitment to action and positivity, and the planting of opportunity toward the growth of kids. With every day and in every way, Gold In September decorates our door for you so that hope, health, and prosperity will grow with beautiful abundance for everyone in every way it is needed.

Be well. Stay safe. Grow hope.

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