Our story.

Because of our own children, we are changing the story for the next family.

Beat Childhood Cancer was founded by parents.. The parents of each kid pictured above founded unique nonprofits working to beat childhood cancer. Over the years, our shared vision and friendships set in our hearts that we could do more together, and those five nonprofits are today a single entity: Beat Childhood Cancer.


Max was a fun and active kid growing up in San Diego. He was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2004, and died in 2008, after relapsing twice.

Max's parents founded Max's Ring of Fire, and were among the original few who founded what is today the Beat Childhood Cancer Research Consortium. They were also deeply involved in the beginnings of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, or CAC2.

Max's Ring of Fire became a part of Beat Childhood Cancer in 2016.


Jack was 4 years old when he was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2005, and battled cancer nearly 7 years, before finding his ultimate cure in Heaven in 2012.

I Back Jack was founded in 2006. After losing Jack his twin Annie decided she wanted to turn the world Gold in September, and their nonprofit's name was changed to reflect that dream.

Over the years, Gold in September (G9) raised millions and worked to #growGOLD. In July of 2020, G9 became a part of Beat Childhood Cancer, and we are proud to continue this work together.


Melina dreamt of a simple life, filled with family and their children at her dining room table. She wanted to play goalie in college soccer, and sled with her brothers, sisters, and cousin whenever the snow fell in Buffalo.

She was 8 years old in 2004 when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and was 13 when she died.

Her family founded Melina's White Light to continue Melina's fight, and in June of 2016 became a part of Beat Childhood Cancer.


Will started fighting neuroblastoma cancer at just 7 months old. Will's dad, Pat, founded a nonprofit called Friends of Will to help discover, fund, and drive forward options to help Will beat cancer - and he did.

Friends of Will became Beat Nb, and in July of 2020 became known as Beat Childhood Cancer.

Today, Will is a successful college student!


Ezra loved trains, Elmo, and dancing. He laughed and smiled often through his cancer treatment, diagnosed on the 400th day of his life with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

When Ezra died 400 days after his diagnosis, his parents knew so many other families were in the same situation, or would be. They founded Because of Ezra to drive better outcomes for kids fighting cancer.

In June of 2016, Because of Ezra became a part of Beat Childhood Cancer.

Together, we are a growing fist
in the face of childhood cancer.