Katie-Anne (Team Pooters)

Nessa watch until the end. Amanda, I know you love racing!

Posted by Elisabeth Bernau on Monday, July 20, 2015

Team Pooters

Katie-Anne (aka Pooters) and her family are teaming up with Because of Ezra, a Tampa-based childhood cancer non-profit, to raise funds toward research into a cure for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. Learn more of how we are helping to cure childhood cancer.

Katie-Anne aka Pooters, born April 23, 2013, was just your average (but witty & seriously intelligent) toddler.  She loves all things in life.  On September 1, 2015, after several trips to her pediatrician for numerous tummy troubles, she was admitted into the hospital.  Upon further inspection (and stickers galore), the CT scan revealed masses on her kidneys and liver.  She was transferred to Oncology at Children’s Hospital Dallas where further testing was done and it was revealed there is a mass in her chest cavity & it was the most concerning.  After a biospy was performed, the final diagnosis for Boss Lady Pooters is stage IV neuroblastoma.

This disease is beatable with a fight.  Katie-Anne will fight.  Aaron & Elisabeth will fight.  We need to fight too!   Please share this, donate to the fight.  Help us help Katie-Anne.