Karaoke 5k Recap, 2019

I sit here on the eve of my Nnamdi baby’s passing in reflection of where my grief journey has led me. Karaoke5K was born out of my incessant desire to keep Nnamdi’s memory ALIVE. I wanted to talk about him all the time, and share his experiences and personality with anyone who wanted to hear it. I told my husband …

Healing Hannah

In June of 2019, we spent some time with the Shroyer family at their home-away-from-home – the baseball fields in Sarasota. Mom Ginger and dad Ben shared some of Hannah’s story of beating neuroblastoma cancer.

Saving Aidan

Aidan Rawls

Aidan Rawls is beating cancer on one of the clinical trials Beat Nb is helping make happen. The Rawls family have finished upfront therapy alongside Aidan and were taking a well-deserved break on the Florida beach when we stopped by with our video cameras to hear Aidan’s story.

Neva Nariani is beating neuroblastoma cancer

Neva Nariani

Neva Nariani is beating cancer on one of the clinical trials Beat Nb is helping make happen.  Neva’s potty mouth (😂) and outoing personality were pure joy to be around – especially knowing she’d spent nearly 3 months during treatment where she barely spoke. Her mom Kelsey says about those 3 months that she “felt like I lost my child for three months… …

A Round for Rylee Recap

FRIDAY OCTOBER 5TH. It was raining all week, and supposed to rain the whole day.  Luckily our little angel had other plans.  We had been planning for this day for months now.  Eager for it to come, yet still heartbreaking that we weren’t able to have Rylee with us.  We knew when Rylee passed away we wanted everyone to remember …