Ray Toro will Rock with You to Cure Childhood Cancer


We’re excited to announce Ray Toro (lead guitar player and co-founder of My Chemical Romance until their split in 2013) will be joining us at Karaoke for the Kure in Las Vegas! He’s taking a break from recording his solo album to jam with you and support childhood cancer research through Because of Ezra.

By coming to Karaoke for the Kure in Vegas, you’re getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rock with Ray Toro. We’re raffling off the experience of singing a My Chemical Romance song with Ray backing you up! We’ll have MCR hits “I’m Not OK” and “Teenagers” in the roster. We’ll also have two MCR prize packs of a Ray Toro signed t-shirt, CD, and vinyl.

It’s $10 per entry into the raffle. We’ll be randomly selecting 3 winners – two prize pack winners, and one grand prize of rocking with Ray at the event! Grab as many entries as you’d like in the registration form at beatnb.org/vegas. Purchase of a Karaoke for the Kure ticket is required. We’ll see you on the 27th in Vegas!

Children just like Ezra are diagnosed with neuroblastoma and other solid-mass pediatric cancers every day. Because of Ezra seeks to fill some of the large gaps in pediatric cancer research funding and focus on these solid-mass cancers. Our goal is to raise money to support relevant research and clinical trials with physicians and researchers who can help make a difference in survival today. A huge thank you to Ray Toro for his generous support!

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