Runner Spotlight: Peter Fitzgerald

fitz and familyMy name is Peter Fitzgerald, I moved to Braintree about 5 years ago
from Dorchester. My wife Lisa and I have 3 children Caleigh 10, Maeve
8, and Gavin 6. I am 43 years young, and I am the furthest thing from
a runner that I have ever seen. When I first moved here to Braintree,
I met some wonderful families through my children’s sports activities.
The kids and parents were welcoming and fun. No sooner did we move
here, I became aware of tbe Cure Me event, and through that met a
ridiculous amount of big hearted people who give so much of their time
and effort to this cause. So much, that it motivated me to find a way
to help.
The only time I ever ran in my life growing up, would have been from
Boston police with a suitcase of Bud under my arm. Who knew I would
ever be running for such an amazing cause and with such a great
collection of people.
I consider myself, as a cancer survivor, blessed to be able to do
anything that may help a child or anyone for that matter, be able to
live a long and healthy life.
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption…”Get busy living, or get busy dying”

Favorite Food : Pizza
Favorite TV show : Toss up between Justified and Game of Thrones ( Old
school would have been Welcome Back Kotter, Fantasy Island or Love
Favorite Athlete: My kids =)
Who would I like to have dinner with: My Dad
What would I like to do before I die: Dance with my daughters at their
weddings, watch my boy become a man of integrity, skydive one more
time, enjoy my pension, and be at peace knowing that I did the best I
could with what I had while walking this Earth.

What is rocking my ipod: Strictly running purposes, Audioslave, or Bob
Marley.( I love everything)


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